Sunday, September 19, 2010

This Guy Scared The Crap Out Of Me...

Early this evening, I was sitting on the beach at the cottage. I was holding my camera, and peacefully staring out over the water, when I heard a bunch of noise behind me. I turned around and saw this little guy on the side of a tree trunk. I screwed up a bunch of these at first. I was so excited that I didn't realize my shutter was too slow and I took a bunch of blurry photos (without checking the display after the first couple of shots). Eventually, the squirrel went up into the tree, and I couldn't see him anymore. Disappointed, I sat back down and stared out at the lake. Then I heard the noise again. He had come back down! This time I raised the camera's ISO value and kept it in Av mode. The squirrel was so patient, and let me get really close to him.

I may or may not try to pretty some of these up in Lightroom.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Portraits In The Park

Stamatia and I took a trip to Odell Park today so I could practice my portrait taking skills (or lack of). Basically, I used Aperture Priority mode to make things a little easier. Along with the Av setting, I used a low ISO value, and Partial light metering, and my 18-55mm lens.

I shot in raw + fine jpeg, but all of these photos are from the raw files that I edited a bit in Adobe Lightroom. I mostly just turned up the warmth and saturation of certain colours.

So, in no particular order...

So, critique me. I know my Post Processing skills aren't all they could be. Also, my portrait skills and creativity aren't that great either. Though, this is my first actual attempt at it.

Remote Live View

Today I decided to play with the remote live view feature (using the Canon EOS software to control the camera via my laptop). I didn't spend a whole lot of time with it, and I'm just sitting on the couch, so I don't have a nice clear background.

Urgh, so much forehead. So much balding.