Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mmmmm Beeeeer.

Cold, crisp, delicious beer. I could totally shoot a beer ad for a magazine.

Oh, and sweet DOF.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moon. Round Two

The moon is quite large tonight. I set up my tripod in the bathroom (again), and removed the screen from the window (again), and took a bunch of photos. The trick is to under expose the shot a whoooooooooole bunch. Otherwise your moon will look like this.

But, if you under expose the image, your moon will come out more like this.

So, 75-300mm lens extended to 300mm. Fast shutter and a low ISO (although the first photo was with an ISO of 400, forgot to change it!).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ooooh. Lightroom!

After I posted those last photos, I noticed how blaahhh this picture is.

So, I fired up Adobe Lightroom and crafted this...

I still dig that DOF. Which photo do YOU like best?

It's Like Sun Glasses For My Lens!

I failed to mention in my Saint Andrews post that I purchased a used Circular Polarizer filter for my camera. I used it a whole bunch in Saint Andrews, and I also used it a bunch down at the cottage on Sunday.

I got some pretty cool depth of field using my 75-300mm lens.

My sister took this picture of the frog, also with the 75-300mm lens.

The colours are weird in this photo. The CP Filter at work. That tractor was a long way away from where I was standing.

Also great DOF, also with the 75-300mm lens. I tinkered in Lightroom a bit with this one too.

So, Circular Polarizer, very cool. I also picked up a Neutral Density filter, but I haven't played with it very much.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cats Like Milk?

While staying at Malika's I took this video of the cat attempting to drink from our refreshments.

I Hate Being a Tourist, But I Love Saint Andrews.

We just got back from a trip to Saint Andrews. Stamatia and I drove there yesterday morning, ate the food, visited the shops, drank cheap Stella, and took some photos. We hadn't entirely planned on spending the night, but we ended up staying with our friend Malika.

So, I took lots of photos, some raw, some jpeg. Mostly standard touristy picture taking. Lots of water, lots of boats. So I narrowed it down to Oooooooh, 27 or so photographs that I liked the most. Some have been edited, some haven't. I won't get into which are which. You can probably tell anyway hehe.

There are in some sort of chronological order, but the breakdown is simple.

- Seals at the aquarium
- Low tide pictures from the warf
- Malika's
- Water Street
- Farmer's Market area and
- High tide from the warf.

These are photos of the seals at the Huntsman Aquarium. It's feeding time. Most of these I took with a slow shutter (my mistake), so only a few of them turned out.

Oh no! No more fish!

Sand, Sea Weed, and Sun shine.

Malika is pet sitting for a friend.

The Main Drag...

I can't count the number of times I've walked up and down this street in the short amount of time that I've spent in Saint Andrews.

This is the market area next to the warf and some restaurants.  Of course, there wasn't any market action on Friday.

And one last trip up and down the warf before we hit the road.

Phew, that was a lot of pictures. Let me know what you think!

Monday, August 9, 2010

King's Landing - August 8th

We spent the day at King's Landing. I took lots of pictures, but nothing terribly spectacular. I shot them all in Fine Jpeg, instead of RAW, so I can't correct any of the photos that could have been good. After walking around for hours, with my camera, bag, and tripod, these are the best 10 shots that I took.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

dPS Weekly Assignment - Motion Blur

This week's Digital Photography School forum assignment is Motion Blur. I don't do a whole lot of moving, but my hands do when I attempt to play guitar. So I set my XS on the tripod, 75-300mm lens, slow shutter, high F stop. I took several shots using the 10 second timer. This was the one I liked best. If I had put more time into it, I probably could have taken some better shots. This one is kind of cool though.