Sunday, October 31, 2010

Down Town October 24th

Here are some of the best shots that I took last Sunday with Trevor and Stamatia.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Post Processing From Saturday's Outing.

I went through some of the photos that I wanted to touch up a bit. Some of these were left out of my previous post, and some of them are processed versions of the ones I posted earlier.

In no particular order...

Ahh, the weed growing through the rock wall. Excellent.

Trevor and his SLR.

Frightening, and covered in bird poo!

I liked this photo a lot before I edited it, now it's my desktop wallpaper :)

And I brightened up this Queen Street photo, fixed the exposure, and over saturated everything!

Looking down Queen Street.

Spooky tree in Officer's Square. I fixed the exposure, and I really like this photo in black & white.

And I fixed this one a bit. Adjusted exposure, and yes, I know, it's all over saturated. I happen to like bright, vibrant colours.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Downtown With Trevor.

It's been ages since I've posted something here. Mostly, because I haven't taken any photos worth sharing! All that changed yesterday when Stamatia and I went wandering downtown with my friend Trevor (who lives in Toronto). Lots of pretty fall colours along Queen Street. As usual, everything is shot in Manual mode, all with my 18-55mm lens, no filters, and the camera is using Fine Jpeg + RAW. These photos are all from the Jpegs, there are a couple of others I want to touch up a bit in Lightroom before I post them.

So, to start, here's Trevor!

And here is a decent shot of City Hall.

Up close and personal with out beloved Freddy!

Looking down Queen Street.

I love this photo I took from the Pedway behind the Library.

Inside Officer's Square...

SpooOoOky Tree.

Pretty Tree.

The wall along Regent Street.

A lonely weed growing out of the wall.

Wide angle, also a pretty tree.

This looks rather painful.

And the last one for this post. I took a dozen photos of this tree from various angles. It looked so good when the sun was shining on it, but then the sun would hide behind a cloud, and then come out again, and then hide again. I think this one turned out alright.