Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Like Sun Glasses For My Lens!

I failed to mention in my Saint Andrews post that I purchased a used Circular Polarizer filter for my camera. I used it a whole bunch in Saint Andrews, and I also used it a bunch down at the cottage on Sunday.

I got some pretty cool depth of field using my 75-300mm lens.

My sister took this picture of the frog, also with the 75-300mm lens.

The colours are weird in this photo. The CP Filter at work. That tractor was a long way away from where I was standing.

Also great DOF, also with the 75-300mm lens. I tinkered in Lightroom a bit with this one too.

So, Circular Polarizer, very cool. I also picked up a Neutral Density filter, but I haven't played with it very much.

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