Monday, October 25, 2010

Post Processing From Saturday's Outing.

I went through some of the photos that I wanted to touch up a bit. Some of these were left out of my previous post, and some of them are processed versions of the ones I posted earlier.

In no particular order...

Ahh, the weed growing through the rock wall. Excellent.

Trevor and his SLR.

Frightening, and covered in bird poo!

I liked this photo a lot before I edited it, now it's my desktop wallpaper :)

And I brightened up this Queen Street photo, fixed the exposure, and over saturated everything!

Looking down Queen Street.

Spooky tree in Officer's Square. I fixed the exposure, and I really like this photo in black & white.

And I fixed this one a bit. Adjusted exposure, and yes, I know, it's all over saturated. I happen to like bright, vibrant colours.

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