Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Did It... I Built A Light Box

After work we went to Canadian Tire. I bought a couple of simple $8 clamp style desk lamps, some masking tape a 6 pack of 23w Compact Fluorescent bulbs. Staples didn't have enough foam board so we went to Michael's and I bought 5 sheets of 30"x20" for $5 a piece (urgh). Assembly was fairly easy. I have a couple of small gaps at the seams, and I haven't decided how to hide the seam in the back, on the bottom. I'll solve that problem later. After getting it together I immediately set up my camera on the tripod and began shooting various objects. When I was finished, and looking through the photos, I decided on a few modifications I need to make to my light box. 1) I need more lights, 2 more should do. 2) I need to notch the front part of the 2 sides so I can get the lights in a little further. 3) I need to hide the seam at the back. This should solve most of my problems. I couldn't get the white balance right. (I just realized that I didn't even try changing the WB Shift or flash compensation.) Using a low shutter speed and a really high F stop, I managed to get the whites fairly white. Then a little post processing in Photoshop or Canon's Digital Photo Professional made them even sharper.

This is a photo of my EF 75-300mm lens. Turned out ok eh?

Now that I've posted it on here, and have seen it on a pure white background, I see I need to do a little more photoshop'ing to remove some non-white in the corners. But it looks fine the way it is too.

So, I need more lights!

Oh, and here is a picture of the light box.

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