Monday, July 19, 2010

To The Cottage And Back

Yesterday (July 18th), we packed the car and headed for the camp to spend some time with Aunt Carol and the kids, and my Grandparents. I cooked a big feast of steak, sausages, grilled peppers and corn. I also took a lot of photos. Most of the photos are unspectacular, but only because you can only take so many shots of the same body of water, and from so many angles. I shot mostly in RAW, partly because I kept forgetting to switch back to Fine jpeg, and partly because I thought I might actually take the time to edit some of them. Now I've decided to save RAW for special occasions, as my post processing skills are still non-existent. The weather was partly cloudy, but otherwise fine, with the exception of a very brief shower, accompanied by some very scary looking clouds. Twenty minutes later the sun was out again, and the evening was fantastic.

I'm getting ahead of myself...

Our trip began with a quick stop at the Big Potato! I love this potato. It looks so happy and delicious. We picked up a package of Macaroons and a bag of Green Beans!

Now, at the cottage. I didn't take any photos worth posting before dinner, but after the feast and much beer was consumed, I pulled out my tripod. On the veranda, I managed to get a couple of good photos of a very hungry hummingbird. He didn't much care for my flash, but I needed it to show the bright colours.

We left the camp as the sun was setting, and pulled off the road just past the old, single lane bridge just past Lakeville Corner. Again with my tripod, I quite successfully (or so I think), too several photos of the sun setting beyond French Lake. Using both lenses, and various white balance shift settings, I captured some warm, vivid pictures of the burning clouds.

The little bridge...

And various sunset photos...

And it's Stamatia!

Back in town, Fredericton looked so good. We stopped at the Green on the north side of the river. The river was mostly calm, and all the downtown lights reflected off of it so nicely. Unfortunately, every shot I took was blurry, even with the tripod, and my 75-300mm lens. I'm almost convinced that I need to buy a remote shutter unit for my XS.

These were 3 of the better shots, but I'm still unhappy with them.

Packing up my tripod, in my haste to escape the swarming mosquitoes, I managed to drop the lens cap off of my 75-300mm lens. I didn't discover that it was missing until I arrived home. Operation Lens Cap Recovery will follow in my next post.

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