Saturday, July 17, 2010

My First Attempt At Shooting & Post Processing RAW

Tonight I decided to get funky with my XS and try shooting some photos using the RAW setting. Using RAW allows you to make a lot more changes in post processing than shooting using jpeg. The Rebel comes with all sorts of software for manipulating RAW image files, however, I have no clue where to begin using such software. So I opted for Adobe Lightroom again. Changing things like White Balance and Exposure settings are a breeze in Lightroom. Of course, I couldn't stop there! Every adjustment is made by moving sliders back and forth! It's so much fun!

The photo on the left is the original, untouched. The right, well, I fiddled the hell out of that thing!

And again, the left image is untouched, while the right is made much more awesome by my lack of knowledge.

Now, I just need to come up with a system to organize my photos better in Lightroom and on my computer. I also need to come up with better subjects to shoot. I've been doing a lot of reading about constructing inexpensive, home made light boxes for product photography. Perhaps that can be a project for my next weekend off. I would also be interested in buying (or building) some home studio portrait gear. Unfortunately I don't have the space for that at the moment. However, I may come up with a smaller version for subjects that are to large for a light box, but too small to warrant a large backdrop and major lighting. I really do need my own room though. The living room is way to crowded as it is, without me adding a new hobby to it!

From now on I will try to, when the situation permits (sunsets, water, stationary products in my future light box, etc...) shoot in RAW, and for all other situations, continue shooting in Fine jpeg.

I should also mention, that all of the photos I've posted here have been re-sized using the Microsoft Windows Power Tool Image Resizer.

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