Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sweaty And Tired After This One...

Today was my Grandfather's 83rd Birthday! I took some normal, every day photos. I also took a couple of flower close ups. It rained hard this afternoon and all of the flowers and leaves have droplets of water on them.

These are some of the flowers next to my Grandparent's back deck.

This is the only flower picture that I made any changes to.

I'm not sure what this thing is called, but it looks pretty cool!

And these are at the end of their drive way.

After the gathering, We decided to go down town to take some pictures along the green and Waterloo Row. Now, the weather was ok, but still very humid. I was dressed in dress shoes, a heavy dress shirt (over a non-cotten t-shirt) and black dress pants. By the time we were done walking, I was soaked through my shirts. My grey drressy shirt was dark with wet spots, and I was grumpy. I did get a couple of good photos, unfortunately the sun was setting. Too early in the evening for sunset photos, too late for decent lighting where I needed it. So, photos of the Cathedral and so on didn't turn out very well.

This picture is touched up a bit to bring out the greens and blues, and to warm it up a bit. Also, the sky had blown highlights so the clouds weren't visible in the original.

I like how the scene is framed in by the trees. (Also, it's as shot)

Our end of the line was the old Loyalist cemetery near the ball field. The bugs were bad, I was drenched with sweat, and my feet hurt from walking on a muddy, gravel trail in dress shoes. I didn't get a good picture inside the cemetery, but it looks spooky non the less.

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