Sunday, July 4, 2010

Odell Park - Odell Must Mean Moss... Because There Sure Is a Lot of It!

Yesterday, July 3rd, 2010. My sister and I took a stroll through Odell Park. Aside from the sibling bonding, beautiful weather, and exercise, it was a great opportunity to use my camera in the park. Trees, rocks, waterfalls, ducks, moving water, flowers, shade, and sunlight provided lots of different shooting scenarios for me to practice with. All of the photos were taken with the 18-55mm lens, with the exception of some goofing around with my 75-300mm lens.

I took this picture using the Rebel's Macro setting. Not bad eh?

Ducks are not only fun to photograph, but they're also quite delicious! MmMmm!

We are now entering the spOoOooOooOoOOooooky woOoOooOoOods!

Check out these awesome moss covered rocks!

Ooooh, a spoOoOooOooky bridge!

Yes, I know this is mostly out of focus. Unfortunately it's the best shot of this waterfall that I managed to get. I can't wait to go back there and try again and again until I get it right.

I can remember these rocks from childhood visits to Odell Park.

Mmmm mossy crevice.

Check out this fungus tree! Eeeeeeeeeeewwww fungi.

Back at the bottom of the park. I wish I had gotten a lot more pictures. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of wildlife, and most of the trails look very much alike. Trees, rocks, moss.

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  1. It's too bad "Nate" decided to write graffiti all over your favourite rocks :(